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Teach Your Old Phone System Some New Tricks

by Nathan August 14, 2017

Are you running older phone equipment but still want access to the latest in hosted / cloud solutions, detailed analytics, simplified management, and reporting?

 We can help!

 Working with legacy equipment is one of our specialities - we're here to work with you regardless of your system's age. Since we've been in business for over 35 years it may not come as a surprise that we likely worked with your phone system while it was still new!

 Older phone systems often have limited or non-existent support for the newer connection methods & protocols necessary to connect to hosted / cloud-based solutions. This often means you need additional conversion solutions, equipment, and may make you feel like you are out of luck.

 Our solutions work around these issues and allow your older equipment to seamlessly integrate with our state of the art cloud and hosted solutions, giving you access to our powerful trend-monitoring, telecom analytics, telephone management, contact center and E911 reporting solutions with all of the latest features.

 Are you considering a phone system upgrade in the future? Genesis solutions can work with your legacy & new equipment and provide you with a seamless system management experience with consistent access to reporting & analytics throughout the migration process. We can even manage and report on both your legacy and new systems in parallel while you transition from one to the other.

 Contact Genesis today for more information about cloud / hosted solutions, working with legacy equipment, and solutions bridging your older and newer systems. Our accessible-anywhere Cloud solutions start from $29 / month and include any conversion equipment & tools necessary.

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