Public Alerting

Broadcast Alerts

Need to broadcast alerts or notices quickly and easily to the public in times of crisis, either to people in a specific area or region-wide?

Simplify Collaboration

Need to provide your staff with information or instructions, track their locations and coordinate with all first responders simultaneously in times of crisis?

Record, Track & Manage

Need to record incident details, multimedia captures and response timelines for tracking or future analysis?

Centralize Notifications

Need to trigger additional emergency alerting systems, post alerts to social media, trigger mass paging or integrate with other public and onsite equipment?

Broadcast Public Notifications

Genesis's Public Alerting Solution modernizes and accelerates two-way communication and information exchange within the public, external resources and within your organization, empowering your precise and timely responses. Our Public Alerting Solution can run on both mobile devices and desktops, utilizing existing resources to instantly connect you with your subscribers, responders and staff.

Staff members can easily initiate location-rich panics, lockdowns and evacuation alerts, which immediately notify other users while simultaneously dialing the appropriate emergency number. With Genesis you can give everyone the ability to quickly and easily coordinate who's responding, what resources are needed and what procedures should be followed.

Dispatch mass alerts to public subscribers

Push geographically targeted broadcast notifications

Send real-time alerts via push notification, SMS, email, social media and a public portal

Create and monitor incident progress reports

Trigger Panic, Evacuation and Lockdown alerts

View precise GPS locations for incidents and responders

Looking for something a bit different or have a unique use case? Contact Genesis for our full list of features, capabilities and for more info on how we can customize our solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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