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Genesis Systems Corporation Expands Partnership with RingCentral to Advance Emergency Notifications

by Nathan May 26, 2021

APRIL 30 2021 — Genesis Systems Corporation, a leading communications management software developer, today announced an expanded partnership with RingCentral, a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions. The expanded partnership includes RingCentral support for Genesis’ GenAlert Emergency Notification solution, delivering enhanced on-site emergency response and awareness capabilities for mutual customers. 

 "The GenAlert solution provides RingCentral users with unparalleled emergency visibility and greatly enhances response time - critical in emergencies, where every second counts. When combined with built-in RingCentral features, GenAlert gives you the ultimate solution for detecting, alerting and recording emergencies.” – Randy Mennear, CEO Genesis Systems

 GenAlert helps businesses to immediately recognize in-progress emergencies and alerts staff via on-screen messages, voice alerts, emails, SMS text messages, and more. GenAlert also records each call’s audio and details, and conferences in security staff to listen to and validate each call in real-time, improving detection of accidental calls and improving on-site response. GenAlert for RingCentral is a fully managed, cloud hosted solution.

“As a RingCentral Partner, we’ve had access to unparalleled developer support and resources which have enabled us to quickly adapt GenAlert’s capabilities to meet the needs of users” – Nathan Mennear, Sales Manager Genesis Systems

"Reliability, security, and scalability are the core components of RingCentral's cloud communications platform," said David Lee, vice president, product management at RingCentral. "The integration of GenAlert with RingCentral will offer customers a scalable platform that provides them with greater on-site emergency response and awareness.” 


 Genesis Systems specializes in telecommunications-related software products for leading UC solutions. The first Genesis software was installed in 1984 and today there are thousands in use worldwide managing from a few to tens of thousands of phones. Over our long history, Genesis has established and maintained an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service and satisfaction, product flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. This combined with our expert Technical Support services and constant product development has resulted in Genesis becoming an industry leader in communication management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Building on RingCentral: Developing GenAlert's Real-time 911 Alerting & Reporting Capabilities to Improve RingCentral Users' Safety

by Nathan May 10, 2021

In today’s world where public safety is a major concern, it is important that all possible tools are available to assist the respondents when managing emergency situations.

Genesis for RingCentral

In today’s world where public safety is a major concern for all organizations, it is important that all possible tools are available to assist the respondents when managing emergency situations. Genesis developed GenAlert, a Ring Central solution that not only notifies the pertinent individuals when a 911 emergency call has been placed, in real-time, but also allows customizable additional actions to be taken such as Glip instant messaging, generating emails, sending SMS or text messages, triggering custom alarms like strobes, etc., plus many more…

The decision to begin developing GenAlert for RingCentral was a easy. Our development cycle typically begins with evaluating the available integration points, APIs and any other accesses to the necessary data. Typically, access to the necessary data is the difficult part; APIs are often not available or accessible externally, system design isn't condusive to integrating third-party solutions, data isn't available in a timely manner, etc. During the evaluation phase it was apparent we'd be able to work with RingCentral due to the extensive catalog of APIs, and additionally be able to provide features that were not possible on other systems. This gave us the confidence to engage deeper and start planning the addition of these features uniquely for RingCentral users.

During the development of GenAlert, Genesis recognized the requirement to perform many different tasks when a 911 call is placed. Genesis utilized many of Ring Central APIs such as Events & Notifications Subscriptions, Call Control, Call Recording, User Settings, Device, Call Log, GLIP, etc. to determine when calls happen, where the caller is, who to add to the audio stream, whether to record the call, etc. Since these requirements are fairly comprehensive, there are a variety of events occurring at the time a call is detected, during the call, and even after the call that need to be considered, monitored and recorded.

While developing GenAlert we were impressed with the knowledge and responsiveness of the Ring Central development team to our questions and concerns. The Ring Central development team added features and enhancements to APIs which helped both us and the customer in accomplishing what was required. They also explained in detail some caveats and issues that were not as well documented and the side effects or real-world implications of these. Initially in the early development stage of GenAlert we had almost daily email & voice communications with them to better understand the features and capabilities of the API’s. Also, the Community Pages were of great assistance in resolving some of issues we encountered during development.

In short with Genesis’ vast Telecom knowledge and experience combined with the exceptional help and support of the Ring Central development team and the development API tools available to us, the development of GenAlert went quite smoothly. Genesis GenAlert is our latest hosted solution available as a monthly service add-on for Ring Central users.