Emergency Alerting (E911)

Genesis GenAlert

Genesis GenAlert Emergency Notifications Solution includes all the tools you need to recognize and respond to 911 calls and other emergencies on site. GenAlert detects the moment an emergency call is initiated and retrieves information from multiple sources to determine who to alert, how to alert them, what information to include and any additional actions to take.

On-site alerting dramatically improves your staff awareness and safety in the most critical times resulting in measurably improved outcomes. The unfortunate truth is that without the right tools, emergencies can go unnoticed until emergency services are on-site, wasting valuable time and jeopardizing safety. This is especially true for geographically larger organizations, those with after-hours workers and when applying the general trend of fewer staff working on-site.

Provides real-time emergency detection and alerting via desktop & web apps, emails, SMS, Text-to-speech, Paging and more

Captures caller location from mobile users & automatically alerts the right staff

Archives details on all calls, not just calls that trigger alerts

Allows customization of alert details, and provides options for including extra medical & other info

Monitors and dispatches alerts for multiple buildings, sites, businesses & voice platforms from a single solution

Includes additional customization and call recording, live-listening and archival options (dependent on voice platform)

Real-time E911 Alerting

GenAlert allows you to easily meet mandatory alerting & caller location requirements in Kari's Law, Ray Baum Act, and other similar regulations. Additionally, GenAlert can be expanded with our Incident Aware solution to provide compliance with Alyssa's Law through the use of panic buttons and overhead paging, and can be optionally used for many other non-911 call alerting needs.

Immediately recognize and be alerted of 911 & other emergency calls, both on-site and off-site.

Pinpoint user locations, direct alerts to relevant personnel and help responders quickly assist the caller.

Ensure staff have been provided relevant details and have been given clear instructions on how to respond.

Meet compliance requirements for alerting, locating calls, and retaining detailed records.

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