Multicast & SIP Broadcasting

Simplify Cloud & SIP-Based Paging

Are you looking for a cloud-based solution to enable the paging capabilities lost when moving to a cloud or SIP-based voice system, and add trigger-from-anywhere capabilities?

Expand & Enhance Alerting Abilities

Are you looking to initiate pages to thousands of endpoints simultaneously, broadcast over SIP phones, multicast devices, emails, SMS, desktop computers, mobile devices, fire & alarm panels, or other safety equipment?

Targeted Audio and Visual Alerting

Do you need a system that not only provides audio pages to off-site staff, but can also activate visual alerts and transcribe speech for your hearing-impaired users or those in loud areas?

Multi-Platform Support

Are you looking for a consistent user experience and seamless connectivity when managing on-premises and cloud-based telephony systems for comprehensive paging & alerting capabilities?

SIP & Multicast Paging Alerts

Genesis Unified Paging provides a comprehensive, advanced, all-encompassing approach to paging and emergency response. This integrated solution elevates your organization's safety protocols by combining rapid multi-path alerting, on-site paging and enhanced geotargeting with ease-of-access and maximum compatibility.

Genesis Unified Paging offers a compelling array of features tailored to meet diverse communication needs. It enables real-time sending and receiving of pages and alerts via multiple alerting paths simultaneously, ensuring timely communication across various channels. Additionally, it optimizes network bandwidth consumption through multicast delivery, efficiently transmitting a single stream of data to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Scalability is likewise a key advantage, as the system seamlessly expands to accommodate evolving communication requirements without straining network resources. Lastly, its versatility shines through with sophisticated integration capabilities, facilitating seamless connectivity between on-premises and cloud-based telephony systems, thus providing robust paging and alerting functionalities across the board.

Trigger different pages in multiple zones or locations simultaneously, alongside other alerting methods

Bridge, mirror, and extend pages to and from multiple sources to ensure comprehensive paging coverage

Activate site-wide or location-specific lockdowns, panic alarms, weather alerts, and more

Provide transcribed alerts to hearing-impaired staff, those in loud areas and offsite users

Initiate secondary pages with less urgent alerts, ensuring all messages are effectively communicated

Geotarget pages to precise locations automatically based in event type and severity

Looking for something a bit different or have a unique use case? Contact Genesis for our full list of features, capabilities and for more info on how we can customize our solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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