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Genesis Call Accounting

Call Accounting has been one of our top selling solutions over many decades. With the introduction of VoIP telephony, Cloud, Virtual, Hosted & SaaS environments, Web & Client based versions, our customers are rapidly changing the way they use it. In today's world, with the volume of data available, the uses of Call Accounting can be virtually unlimited. The challenge is organizing and presenting the data in a usable, concise and informative manner. Genesis Call Accounting excels at this and much more.

Genesis has the right Call Accounting & Tracking solution for every size business, industry and application. Regardless of whether you run a small motel or administer a large organization across numerous branch offices, and whether you are monitoring telephone traffic, allocating telephone charges, billing guests, or tracking abuse and fraud, or being alerted to 911 calls, Genesis has the right solution for you. Genesis ensures you get maximum performance for your telecom investment.

Genesis Call Accounting also fully integrates with Incident Aware, our real-time incident tracking, reporting responding module.

Analytics Trends Reporting


  • Small & Medium Businesses (SME)
  • Professional Offices
  • Service Providers & Retail


  • Multi-Location Businesses
  • Education, Government & Healthcare
  • Multi-Tenant Deployments


  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts
  • Restaurants, Lounges & Golf
  • Retirement & Long Term Care

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