Switch Management

Genesis GenSwitch

Genesis GenSwitch is a powerful switch management package for performing Moves, Adds and Changes to your telephone system of any size. GenSwitch is far superior to anything else available, allowing the casual user to perform changes, yet fully supporting the demands of more advanced users. GenSwitch also provides technicians with additional functionality to simplify tedious activities, such as bulk change processing, transaction scheduling, and auditing by username, that would otherwise not be possible. GenSwitch is capable of sharing information between your different phone systems which can greatly simplify administration of your corporate-wide dial plan by allowing you to assign and reserve extensions and ports, assign them to a specific location, clone existing phones and assist when transitioning from legacy to more modern equipment.

Like all Genesis products GenSwitch is available in client and web-based versions for On-premises, Cloud, Virtual and Hosted/SaaS applications. GenSwitch fully integrates with other Genesis modules providing you with a complete, unified solution.

Automatically update user information and sync with our E911 Alerting and Call Accounting solutions

View available and consumed licenses, ports, extension numbers and devices.

Queue transactions for automatic submission at a later dates and time

Perform bulk changes, moves, swaps, deletes and enabling / disabling of phones

Track all events performed by username, date and time, activity, and details of the task

Retain a mirror database of your switch with automatic synchronization for backup purposes

Avaya Switch Management

Administer multiple voice systems from a single browser-based solution

Allow role-based access to less trained staff for making basic changes

Make telephone programming-related tasks quick & easy

Provide many additional capabilities unavailable in OEM tools or via the CLI

Looking for something a bit different or have a unique use case? Contact Genesis for our full list of features, capabilities and for more info on how we can customize our solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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