Traffic Analysis

Genesis Traffic Manager

Genesis Traffic Analysis takes the guessing out of your decisions. It easily identifies the optimimum staffing and trunking levels required for your site(s). It can also help you to identify trends, feature usage, calling patterns and future needs with ongoing traffic studies and what-if modelling.

Genesis Traffic Manager is single / multi-site and multi-platform solution available in Client and Web based versions for On-premises, Cloud, Virtual and Hosted/SaaS environments. Genesis Traffic Manager fully integrates with other Genesis modules providing you with a complete, unified solution. With the addition of new products and services like the VoIP, SIP trunking, etc. you need an effective powerful tool to keep costs low while keeping staff and customers satisfied. No sites are alike, and requirements can be entirely different, even with similar call volumes and staffing.

Estimate the optimum number of lines for average busy hour and peak hour time slots by day, week, or month.

Monitor IP network activity, QoS, video usage and individual call statistics like monitor jitter, latency, and chosen codec.

Evaluate individual call groups to determine the most efficient distribution of call traffic.

Track usage trends, pinpoint malfunctions & abnormalities like excessive abandoned calls, out-of-service equipment, etc.

Report on existing capacity deficiencies where you may be missing calls, frustrating callers and potentially losing sales.

Calculate future requirements for increases in call volumes by applying a variety of statistical models.

Traffic Analysis

Monitors voice system hardware and related resource usage

Provides extensive voice & network transmission quality statistics

Shows you clear and concise capacity recommendations & optimizations

Allows long-term trend analysis to accurately estimate future requirements

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