Contact Center Monitoring

Genesis ACD

In today's world of Contact Centers, the importance of providing exceptional customer service can't be overstated. Effectively managing your Contact Center resources requires accurate and timely information that pinpoints how well calls have been handled and routed through your Contact Center.

Genesis Contact Center Manager saves you time and money by providing you with the critical information you need to effectively manage your Contact Center's resources. With Genesis CCM you can evaluate the performance of your individual Contact Center Agents, Splits, Vector DNs and Trunk Groups with confidence. Staffing decisions can be made as well as decisions on how to improve training, performance, and customer satisfaction. Use the historical data retained by Genesis CCM to identify ACD trends and areas requiring improvement.

Evaluate performance of your individual Call Takers, Queues and Routes

Optimize staffing and improve customer satisfaction

Proactively identify trends and problems requiring attention

Generate Real-time & Historical Contact Center reports

Contact Center Reporting

Powerful, cost-effective contact center logging and reporting

Customizable Real-Time Queue & Agent dashboards to optimize staffing

Extensive historical performance data retention for analyzing long-term trends

Department-level reporting of contact center staff & resources

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