Incident Tracking

Incident Aware

Incident Aware is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for dramatically improving two-way internal and external communications, empowering your precise and timely responses to critical events. Incident Aware leverages both mobile devices and desktops, utilizing your existing resources to instantly connect you with your subscribers. Incident Aware provides alerts with precise GPS locations, records incident details, broadcasts messages with special instructions, triggers remote devices, streamlines your record keeping, automates a variety of workflows with customizable checklists that simplify and optimize your responses, and more.

In addition to extensive alerting options, Incident Aware's configurable layout guides your staff in capturing the necessary information. Staff are presented with lists of preset questions, checklist items to complete, instructions to upload relevant photos, videos and audio, and space to collaborate in real-time within an incident-specific chat. Flexible notifications and compelled response options notify staff and public recipients when new information is added or items are completed and can also proactively seek acknowledgement of incident alerts being received.

Initiate location-rich panic alarms, evacuations, or lockdowns

Send and receive alerts from multiple buildings or locations & trigger cascading notifications

Alert selected groups or notify all staff members of on and off-site emergencies

Enable real-time exchange of notes, checklists, chats and multimedia sharing

Distribute simultaneous alerts via email, SMS, mobile, voice, desktop-apps & overhead pages

Integrate with your existing cloud or on premises phone system

Analytics & Trends Reporting

Provide location-rich emergency notifications & track which staff are on-site while respecting user privacy.

Solve many complex integration problems while simplifying Incident Management & Collaboration.

Communicate with staff and the public seamlessly using a mixture of 2-Way SMS, email, voice, mobile apps and other web tools.

Compel and record the order of responses in time-sensitive scenerios and maintain detailed records for compliance management.

Send mass notifications to public subscribers based on their self-administered communication preferences.

Leverage existing overhead paging, fire panels, phones, buttons & other hardware at one or many locations.

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