On-Site Safety

Dispatch Emergency Alerts

Need to be alerted immediately when 911 is dialed on-site, mobile users are in distress, or broadcast other alerts easily and quickly to your group or staff?

Guide User Responses

Need to guide staff in recording the critical details, following procedures, obtaining answers or recording the progress of incidents for tracking or future follow up?

Streamline Data Collection

Need to include additional media, notes, timestamps and location info with these alerts & reports?

Simplify Notification Procedures

Need to trigger remote devices based on alerts or integrate with onsite alerting hardware and telephone equipment?

E911 On-Site Safety

Genesis's On-site Safety Solution makes handling lockdowns, evacuations and emergency situations effortless while dramatically lowering both on-site and EMS response times. Keeping staff, students, or individuals safe and informed during any emergency situations is imperative. Implementing a dedicated, on-site emergency notification solution is the most cost-effective way to enhance safety and security for all those within or around your organization.

Notify staff of 911 calls or emergencies requiring their immediate attention

Distribute simultaneous visual, audible & text-based alerts

Centrally monitor and dispatch alerts for multiple buildings and locations

Connect and integrate with existing phone systems & paging equipment

Initiate panic alarms, evacuations or lockdowns with precise locations

Store incident details indefinitely for future review, follow-up & analysis

Looking for something a bit different or have a unique use case? Contact Genesis for our full list of features, capabilities and for more info on how we can customize our solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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