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Call Accounting: Differentiating proven and current solutions from all the "old technology"

by Nathan March 4, 2018

Call Accounting solutions have been available for a long time - well over 30 years now. Over the years these solutions have been marketed under a variety of other names, like call tracking, expense / productivity management, call analytics, etc..., but mostly have provided some level of "Call Accounting" functionality, regardless of the name.

Taking a look around the marketplace today, I see a lot of old, outdated technology still being marketed as leading-edge stuff. Some of it just doesn't make sense: how can a product be current when it's "new" features that have been industry-standard for 10+ years? Why do the reports look like they were designed in the 80's?

I see companies advertising some product / feature releases that just make me scratch my head, like:

- Now web-based (it hasn't been for the last 10 years!?)

- Multi-PBX / location reporting (the largest group of users are multi-PBX!)

- 911 Alerting

- Now available as: hosted / cloud / virtual (take your pick)

If these are the new features in a solution you are looking at, it is simply "old technology".

You won't find the most important differences on the company's website either - like third party software and licensing dependencies which add significant cost to the solution, missing support for current data collection methods, excessive PC/server hardware requirements, etc. Unfortunately, many times you aren't aware of these limitations until you're already committed, and then locked into using outdated methods or purchasing additional licenses.

It's not all bad though! Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about or are just looking for some more clarity on Call Accounting and which solutions best fit your needs. We love Call Accounting! The uses for are seemingly endless; over 30 years in, and we're still discovering new problems we can help customers solve with Call Accounting. It's truly a universal solution, with a compelling use case for nearly any business with telephones.


Family Day Hours

by lisa February 9, 2018

Genesis Systems will be closed on Monday February 13 for Family Day.

Customers subscribed to our 24-7 support package are unaffected by holiday closures. If you'd like more information on after-hours or 24-7 support options please contact Genesis Sales at 1-888-993-2288 or

Have a great long weekend!


What does your software's annual support actually cover?

by Nathan January 16, 2018

Most software includes some form of an annual support option to provide you with periodic updates and access to technical support when the need arises. Subscribe to annual support is not much of a decision for many of us - the software was purchased to fill a void (e.g. business analytics, emergency notification, etc.), and it just needs to work.

We subscribe to annual support so help is there when we need it.

Have you looked closely at your support coverage and terms though? There are always limitations, and the biggest ones may not be obvious until you encounter them. Many will leave you wondering what your support actually covers. We've all been there. A few examples of services and items I've seen other manufacturers charge additional fees for:

  • Software installation & re-installation (or moving the software to a new PC)
  • Phone equipment changes (e.g. changing or upgrading your phone equipment)
  • Software training
  • Physical copies of software & updates

Do these not seem like opportunities to up-sell you on services you believed were included with your support in the first place? Since you're under annual support, shouldn't you at least have access to the necessary support so you can continue to use your existing software?

We think so. It's a simple, yet illusive concept, and is one we strongly believe in.

Going Hosted: Are You Missing Something?

by Nathan November 25, 2017

Lower total cost of ownership, simplified deployment, reduced in-house staff administration, always up-to-date...

These are the themes echoed in most cloud-solutions marketing collateral - and for good reason - they are consistently the top 4 reasons why businesses of all sizes choose a hosted solution over an on-premises one. It's a compelling pitch, what business wouldn't want to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs?

But... It's not always that simple. Take for example:

A law firm customer I worked with had been using monthly telephone reports to substantiate their activities related to each client. Receiving these details broken down by each client vastly simplified their billing process, reduced errors, and improved billing transparency for clients. They had been using these reports for years and had become reliant on them for simplifying their billing process.

Their phone system was becoming obsolete and the firm made the choice to replace their old phone system with a new cloud-based solution due to some of the above reasons. Their set up was quick, and after a couple months the entire office was quickly trained on and moved over to using the new system. 

All was good until the first time client bills were generated after their migration. Their reports now had no unique client numbers on them, essentially giving them no way to associate the time spent on calls with the appropriate client! This was a huge issue for them. Their billing process changed entirely overnight, with staff now were having to keep track of billable time manually.

Needless to say, the customer was surprised to lose this long-time functionality, especially given that their new system had promised more features than their previous premises-installed one. The simple functionality they'd been using for 10+ years was now gone, the new system had no way to allocate calls to clients, and the customer was inevitably left scrambling to find a solution to this issue.


Genesis Systems makes every effort to ensure our solutions, whether premises-based, virtual-installed or cloud based, feature all of the same functionality to eliminate these types of issues. We consult with your organization prior to implementation to ensure there will be no unpleasant surprises or limitations so you know exactly that you're getting.

For more information on the benefits of Genesis hosted, visit our website at:



Remembrance Day

by lisa November 10, 2017

Genesis Systems will be closed on Monday, October 13 in Lieu of Remembrance Day.

Customers subscribed to our 24-7 support package are unaffected by holiday closures. If you'd like more information on after-hours or 24-7 support options please contact Genesis Sales at 1-888-993-2288 or

Our office will re-open on Tuesday October 14th with regular business hours.


New Appearance Update Now Available

by Nathan September 4, 2017

The latest software release includes a major appearance update. Users of our web versions will notice this upgrade immediately, which provides easier navigation, reporting updates, and significantly enhanced usability on a variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, and other browser-enabled devices.

Feel free to contact our support office with any questions or concerns you have and we’ll be more than happy to show you around your new software. If you haven't received your upgrade yet feel contact our sales office to find out when you will be receiving it.

Users of Genesis Hosted Solutions are already upgraded this latest version, and have the benefit of always having access to the most current features. With Genesis Hosted Solutions you can expect all the same powerful call analytics, management & exception alerting available in our premises-based solutions, but with greater accessibility and virtually no configuration & ongoing maintenance required on your part. Interested in going hosted? Give sales a call to discuss!

Teach Your Old Phone System Some New Tricks

by Nathan August 14, 2017

Are you running older phone equipment but still want access to the latest in hosted / cloud solutions, detailed analytics, simplified management, and reporting?

 We can help!

 Working with legacy equipment is one of our specialities - we're here to work with you regardless of your system's age. Since we've been in business for over 35 years it may not come as a surprise that we likely worked with your phone system while it was still new!

 Older phone systems often have limited or non-existent support for the newer connection methods & protocols necessary to connect to hosted / cloud-based solutions. This often means you need additional conversion solutions, equipment, and may make you feel like you are out of luck.

 Our solutions work around these issues and allow your older equipment to seamlessly integrate with our state of the art cloud and hosted solutions, giving you access to our powerful trend-monitoring, telecom analytics, telephone management, contact center and E911 reporting solutions with all of the latest features.

 Are you considering a phone system upgrade in the future? Genesis solutions can work with your legacy & new equipment and provide you with a seamless system management experience with consistent access to reporting & analytics throughout the migration process. We can even manage and report on both your legacy and new systems in parallel while you transition from one to the other.

 Contact Genesis today for more information about cloud / hosted solutions, working with legacy equipment, and solutions bridging your older and newer systems. Our accessible-anywhere Cloud solutions start from $29 / month and include any conversion equipment & tools necessary.

BC Day Hours

by lisa August 4, 2017

Genesis Systems will be closed on Monday, August 7 for BC Day.

Customers subscribed to our 24-7 support package are unaffected by holiday closures. If you'd like more information on after-hours or 24-7 support options please contact Genesis Sales at 1-888-993-2288 or

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday / Holiday Closures

by Nathan June 29, 2017

On behalf of all us at Genesis we'd like to wish all a happy and safe Canada Day weekend! Check out Canada Day 2017 Celebrations to see what's going on in your community.

Our offices will be closed on Monday July 3 and we will be resuming normal business hours on Tuesday July 4. Customers subscribed to our 24/7 support package are unaffected by holiday closures. If you'd like more information on our after-hours or 24/7 support options contact Genesis Sales at 1-888-993-2288 or

Happy 150th Canada!

Genesis PSAP Monitor Now Avaya Certified!

by Nathan June 1, 2017

We are very excited to announce our Genesis PSAP Monitor Solution is now Avaya Compliant!

Genesis PSAP Monitor is the most recent of our Avaya-compatible solutions to complete the testing process. Genesis PSAP Monitor allows your PSAP or SSAP to replace outdated telephone equipment with no disruption to your CAD and other critical systems functionality.

Like the other Genesis PSAP & 911 solutions, it also includes extensive performance & capacity reporting, detailed call history / auditing, agency-specific call statistics and much more. 

For more information on Genesis PSAP Monitor, or any of our other PSAP & SSAP-specific solutions contact us at 888-993-2288.