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Genesis Systems has been a Ring Central Premier Partner, offering our Real-Time 911 & Emergency Notifications solution, as well as Call Tracking & Analysis tools to the platform for several years. These solutions, built on our over 35 years of experience in the telephone reporting and alerting industry, have been tailored to the unique needs and concerns of RingCentral users. In leveraging many features unique to RingCentral, Genesis has been able to enhance RingCentral's E911 functionality to provide unequaled safety and awareness through the use of multiple alert paths, real-time call listening and more.

Genesis also works with AT&T Office@Hand, Avaya Cloud Office, BT Cloud Work, Rainbow Office, RingCentral with Verizon, Telus Business Connect, Unify Office. & Vodafone Business.
RingCentral E911 Alerting

Genesis GenAlert - E911 Alerting

In today's world where public safety is a major concern for all organizations, it is important that all possible tools are available to assist the respondents when managing emergency situations. Genesis developed GenAlert, a Ring Central solution that not only notifies the pertinent individuals when a 911 emergency call has been placed, in real-time, but also allows customizable additional actions to be taken such as Glip instant messaging, generating emails, sending SMS or text messages, triggering custom alarms like strobes, etc., plus many more.

Keeping everyone safe on campus is our most important objective on a day-to-day basis. Being able to pinpoint a 911 caller's location, and immediately dispatch the campus police, is helping us accomplish that mission.

Travis Cook
Executive Director of Telecommunications
Texas Christian University

Ensuring staff are alerted to incidents and emergencies is important, especially in time-sensitive situations. The workplace for many has changed forever, and staff working locations are now unpredictable. Determining who's on-site during evacuations and lockdowns, for instance, is now a serious concern since you need to ensure staff are all safe and accounted for.

RingCentral App Gallery - E911 Notifications (Genesis GenAlert)

Genesis Call Accounting - Call Tracking

As many RingCentral users quickly realize, call reporting isn't as real-time or accurate as they'd like. Daily call logs are not available until the following day, and the built-in reporting can show issues (e.g. excessive missed calls) which aren't actually occurring but are a result of having more unique installations. Users are increasingly contacting us as their need for timely access to accurate information is not being fulfilled.

Anyone familiar with RingCentral's built-in reporting will appreciate the flexible reporting and report delivery options built-in to our fully RingCentral-designed solution. Contact us to see how Genesis Call Accounting for RingCentral improves your business oversight, safety, and ultimately, performance.

RingCentral App Gallery - Call Tracking (Genesis Call Accounting)