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Avaya IP Office

Genesis provides comprehensive reporting and alerting for your Avaya IP Office systems. Our solution, built on our decades of experience with Avaya telephone systems, has been designed to simplify the collection and administration of call data and reporting, and dramatically improve on-site emergency awareness. Genesis' solutions have been designed from the ground-up to be easy to deploy and manage, provide critical system performance information and simplify many otherwise tedious tasks.

Avaya IPOffice Reporting & E911

Locating & Alerting on Emergency Calls

Knowing when emergencies are happening in your organization can be a challenge, especially with smaller buildings, spread-out facilities, highly compartmentalized spaces, and remote workers. Especially in the case of Hotels and Manufacturing facilities, it may not be possible to physically see or hear staff in distress, and emergencies can go unnoticed until EMS arrive on-site and a frantic effort to locate those in distress begins.

Genesis' solutions have regularly been used by both Hotels and Manufacturing facilities to immediately detect when 911 or other emergency numbers are dialed, determine the emergency caller's location, and dispatch alerts via overhead paging equipment, desktop-based pop-up alerts and other channels to ensure awareness and improve response time. Genesis' solutions capture phone locations and include user-added content to ensure alerts are not only immediate, but also have as much detail as possible.

Genesis' solutions are also used by many of these locations to extend alerts from other on-site safety hardware to a dedicated smartphone app, which provides not only a real-time alert, but also provide real-time multimedia chat communication, checklists, acknowledgement tracking, emergency responder guidance and other tools specific to the emergency.

Reporting on All Call Events from Initiation to Termination

Public Works, Municipalities & other regulated organizations need to log every incoming and outgoing call, and additionally review how individual calls progress through their voice network for either troubleshooting routing & call handling issues, or digging into problematic calls (misuse, abusive or fraudulent). Their systems are generally configured to provide us with call records showing each individual call event, which allows our reporting to show each individual step of a call's progress, and allows the user to identify exactly what happened on each call.

In addition, once an issue is identified on a single call, these same users also often generate subsequent reports to highlight all instances of similar scenarios to both aid in troubleshooting and fixing routing issues, substantiate claims, and gain context for responding to a complaint.

Tracking Which Staff and Lines are Called Most for Capacity Planning

A common use case at both municipalities and regulatory organizations is to use our reports to analyze call volumes arriving at individual offices, on complaint hotlines, and to different business units (permitting, bylaw enforcement, general inquiries, payments, etc.).

With Genesis' Solutions, these users have reports delivered on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly intervals keyed on answering extensions, business units, and incoming routes to quantify the need for additional answering staff or to simply validate complaints or experienced increases in call volumes to specific business units (i.e. bylaw complaints during holiday celebrations).