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Genesis is a long-time provider of Cisco-compatible solutions for call logging, alerting, voice quality reporting, and other specialized telephone use analysis. Our solutions, built on our decades of experience in the telephone reporting and alerting industry, have been designed to handle the unique complications related to Cisco's incredibly detailed call data, and tailored to meet the often-unique reporting needs of Cisco users. Genesis's solutions have been designed from the ground-up to easily handle even the largest Cisco systems with tens of thousands of endpoints.

Cisco Call Monitoring & Usage Reporting

Determining Required Staffing & Trunks/PRIs During Emergency Weather Events

Public Works organizations use Genesis's reporting to analyze call traffic during adverse, extreme weather events to accurately estimate their staffing and lines/trunks/PRIs requirements during their busiest times. These users have been able to determine which resources are required where, to ensure incoming calls reporting downed power lines or other safety concerns aren't being rejected.

On the internal telephone use side, the expedited move towards part-time or full-time remote working has consequently affected staff telephone use and habits. Many Genesis Cisco users report having more remote workers who use desk phones less (or not at all), incorporating audio & video conferencing tools into many of their daily activities. Our reporting shows which extensions aren't being used and can be removed from the Cisco, and identifies infrequently or unused DIDs which can be either reallocated or removed entirely to realize significant decreases in monthly phone service cost. Often these reports alone provide enough cost savings in the first month of use to completely offset the cost of our solutions.

Genesis's Cisco reporting also provides dedicated abandoned call reporting. Public Works organizations use these reports to accurately determine the number of calls which are rejected or abandoned prior to reaching a live person.

Tracking Which Incoming Numbers are Called Most, and Who's Answering Those Calls (DNIS Reporting)

Cisco voice platforms are able to provide us with both the number dialed by an incoming caller as well as the extension(s) which handled the call. This allows us to provide reports showing how many calls came into each of your telephone numbers, and to see how these calls were routed. A common use case at both municipalities and regulatory organizations is to use our reports to analyze call volumes to their different business units (permitting, complaint lines, general inquiries, payments, etc.), and to additionally key these based on answering extension to quantify the need for more answering staff or even just validate experienced increases in call volumes to specific business units (i.e. bylaw complaints during holiday celebrations).

Determining IP Voice Quality & Network Issues in Healthcare Facilities

Hospital voice networks are often complex, span multiple, physically distant locations, include remote workers, and handle incredible amounts of call traffic. Poor voice quality is one of the most frequent user complaints - especially with remote workers who likely do not have network hardware or internet connections which are optimized for real-time voice communications. Genesis's IP QoS reporting is regularly used by these organizations to proactively analyze which codecs are the best performers, latency issues, bandwidth usage, and other statistics so they can keep ahead of the complaints as much as possible, and troubleshoot when issues are reported.

Genesis also allows you to recognize and analyze quality degradations on your network. This allows you to easily and quickly identify the source of the problem, such as an equipment failure or temporary congestion.

Reporting on All Call Events from Initiation to Termination

Public Works & Municipalities & other large organizations regularly need to review how individual calls transit through their voice network for either troubleshooting of routing & call handling issues, or digging into problematic calls (misuse, abusive or fraudulent). Their Cisco systems are generally configured to provide us with call records for individual events, which allows our reporting to show each individual step of a call's progress, and allows the user to identify exactly what happened on each call.

As an addition, once the issue is identified on a single call, these same users also often generate subsequent reports to show all instances of that same scenario to either aid in troubleshooting and fixing routing issues (often in cases where calls are terminated before reaching a phone, or ending at the wrong phone due to issues with configuration).