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Mitel & Shoretel

Genesis provides flexible reporting, billing and alerting for your Mitel systems. Our solution, built on our decades of experience with Mitel telephone systems, has been designed to provide accurate call tracking and reporting on all call activities, integration with third party billing and property management solutions, and increased on-site emergency awareness in the event of unfolding emergencies. Genesis’s solutions have been designed from the ground-up to be both easy to deploy and reliable, without requiring day-to-day administration or supervision.

Mitel & ShoreTel Reporting & Analytics

Billing Guests & Residents for Their Telephone Usage

Mitel systems are often the go-to choice for both hospitality business and retirement & assisted living communities. These businesses are obligated to provide voice services, and generally bill guests and residents for their usage and access to voice, either to recoup costs or generate additional revenue.

Genesis' Solutions are used by both hospitality and senior living facilities to accurately capture and apply charges to calls, assign equipment or service rental costs, and provide this information in the form of third-party integration with Property Management Solutions, direct end-user bills, and a variety of summary and detail reports for use by management and accounting staff.

Wellness Checks & Emergency Call Alerting

Knowing when emergencies are happening in your organization can be a challenge given the potential for infrequent staff-resident interactions. Also, especially in the case of Hotels, it may not be possible to physically see or hear staff or guests in distress. Emergencies often go unnoticed until EMS arrive on site, at which time a frantic locating effort begins.

Genesis' solutions have regularly been used by both Hotels and senior living facilities to immediately detect when 911 or other emergency numbers are dialed, determine the emergency caller's location, and dispatch alerts via overhead paging equipment, desktop-based pop-up alerts and other channels to ensure awareness and improve response time.

Specific to senior living facilities, Genesis solutions are frequently configured to provide alerts when residents haven't used their telephone within an expected interval. Most facilities record a daily message with events, news and important updates which residents can call into, and they use Genesis to receive alerts & reports showing who hasn't checked in, improving safety and decreasing the need for frequent wellness checks.

Genesis' solutions are also used by many of these locations to extend alerts from other on-site safety hardware to a dedicated smartphone app, which provides not only a real-time alerts, but also provide real-time multimedia chat communication, location tracking, checklists, acknowledgement tracking, emergency responder guidance and other tools specific to the emergency.