By Industry

Needs & Solutions By Industry

Education Facilities


Schools, Colleges & Universities

Managing emergencies and lockdown situations effectively can be particularly challenging...

Multi site, tenant, location


Enterprise & Multi-Location Businesses

You know managing your telecom resources in today's world can be significantly more difficult...

Municipal, Provincial, State, Federal


Government Offices & Entities

You know the importance of controlling your telecom resources to stay on budget...

Medical Clinics, Doctors


Hospitals, Medical, Dental & Clinics

You know keeping your staff, visitors and patients informed of any emergencies is imperative...

Resorts, Golf, Hospitality


Hotels, Motels, Resorts & Golf

In today's economy hotel competition is stiff & knowing the needs of your guests...

Emergency Services

Law Enforcement

Prevention Agencies & 911 Services

You need to track all call data for investigative, tracking, staffing & follow-up purposes...

Bankers, Financial Advisors


Accountants, Lawyers & Others

Regardless of your size, your firm needs the ability to control your telecom costs...

Retirement Homes

Retirement Care

Retirement & Long Term Care Homes

Knowing the dynamics & responding to the needs of your guests/patients is critical...

SME & Small Business

Small Business

Small & Medium Business (SME)

You need a solution that just works for you and doesn't require full-time administration...

Telecom Dealers & Resellers

Service Providers

Hosted Telecom, Computing & Others

With the uptick in cloud offerings you need a solution to distinguish you from other providers...