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Five Ways to Maximize your Telephone Revenues

by Brandon November 5, 2015

In hotels and motels, the more often a Guest uses your telephone system to make long distance calls, the more money you make.

The rates that Genesis uses for long distance calls are user configurable and can be changed to virtually any rate that you wish to charge for any type of call.

  • Advertise the rates that you charge in your lobby and guest rooms. Guests are more likely to use your phone system if they know what the costs will be.
  • Check the rates that you are being charged by your long distance provider. Most hotels can negotiate a discount rate plan with their provider. The lower the rate that you pay equals higher profits.
  • Add value for your Guests. Keeping your rates competitive can be a low cost way to add value for your Guests. Little things can make a difference and make your hotel stand out against competing hotels in your area.
  • Knock out the other phone competition. Offer long distance telephone rates that make cell phones with their long-distance charges and roaming fees unattractive.
  • Consider changing your rates to a flat rate per minute. This type of rate structure makes it easy for your Guests and your staff.

Advertised flat rates that are higher than your cost and lower than cell phones can dramatically increase the long distance usage of your telephone system and can increase both revenue and profits.

Genesis Adds Lockdown Code Functionality to GenAlert E911 Solution

by Nathan September 10, 2015

Genesis Systems, working with a number of school boards and health authorities, has added functionality to our GenAlert E911 real-time notification package for additional non-emergency alerting. Users are now able to use our solution to generate other types of non-emergency alerts that may not be generated by making a 9-1-1 call.

This functionality is currently being implemented into a number of hospitals and schools to generate building lock-down alerts (using special codes) notifying staff of events such as missing patients / students or dangerous persons on the premises. Having a Real-time alerting (E911) solution is important for staff safety, but there are still important alerts that need to be delivered quickly that do not require a call to 9-1-1.

GenAlert is now Avaya Certified!

by Lisa June 23, 2015

We are very excited to announce our GenAlert Solution is now Avaya Compliant!

Check out the Avaya Press Release

GenAlert Real-Time On-Site Alerting for IP Office now provides Location Info

by Nathan May 28, 2015

GenAlert for IP Office now includes location information in outgoing emails, SMS messages and screen pops and much more. The addition of this functionality in the IP Office GenAlert version now matches GenAlert versions for Avaya CS1000, legacy Avaya Meridian systems, and the Avaya Aura / CM platforms. Now users with Avaya IP Office phone systems can receive the same quality of alerts as users of the larger platforms.

GenAlert is an emergency on-site notification solution compatible with many current PBX systems. GenAlert automatically detects the moment an emergency call is made or lockdown code is entered into a telephone and dispatches user configurable alerts (including email, SMS, on-screen alerts, speech, strobe / other light or siren activation, and more).

Genesis Call Accounting Adds Additional Shoretel PBX Support

by Nathan March 16, 2015

Genesis Call Accounting, which previously was compatible with ShoreTel telephone systems, has added additional connection methods. Now, Genesis can connect to ShoreTel systems using both a serial interface (which provides all the call data for the day, once a day) or by extracting the call records every minute directly from the ShoreTel's internal SQL database.

This additional connectivity support gives ShoreTel users wanting call tracking the ability to have access to call records in a more timely manner than what is currently available from other solutions. Genesis Call Accounting supports real-time collection from Avaya (& Nortel), Cisco, ShoreTel, and hundreds of other telephone systems, both current and legacy models.

Genesis Adds Microsoft Lync, sipXecs & EZuce Support

by Nathan February 11, 2015

Genesis Systems has recently confirmed compatibility between Genesis Call Accounting and the Microsoft Lync, sipXecs and Ezuce telephone systems. Now users with any of these systems can use our fully-featured Call Accounting system to track, bill, and control telephone use. 

Hello from Genesis Systems

by Lisa January 6, 2015

Hello and Welcome to our Blog.

You will find the latest company news as well as information on new products and features in development, upcoming webinars, conferences and more.

Genesis Systems was founded with the primary goal to continually provide our customers with solutions that will save them money, save them time, and eliminate uncertainties and guessing about equipment requirements. Over the past 30+ years all of us at Genesis have been proud to provide our customers with solutions that are in line with this goal.

Check back often for the latest tips on getting the most out of your software, current events, promotions and more.