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Genesis Adds Microsoft Lync, sipXecs & EZuce Support

by Nathan February 11, 2015

Genesis Systems has recently confirmed compatibility between Genesis Call Accounting and the Microsoft Lync, sipXecs and Ezuce telephone systems. Now users with any of these systems can use our fully-featured Call Accounting system to track, bill, and control telephone use. 

Hello from Genesis Systems

by Lisa January 6, 2015

Hello and Welcome to our Blog.

You will find the latest company news as well as information on new products and features in development, upcoming webinars, conferences and more.

Genesis Systems was founded with the primary goal to continually provide our customers with solutions that will save them money, save them time, and eliminate uncertainties and guessing about equipment requirements. Over the past 30+ years all of us at Genesis have been proud to provide our customers with solutions that are in line with this goal.

Check back often for the latest tips on getting the most out of your software, current events, promotions and more.