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We Provide Industry leading On-Premises, Cloud Hosted & SaaS Telemanagement Solutions.

Genesis Incident Aware

Initiate and Track Alerts, Dispatch Notifications, Monitor GPS Locations, Collaborate and Share Multimedia...

Genesis Call Accounting

Call Tracking, Telecom Analytics, Call Accounting, Equipment Inventory, Traffic Trends...

Genesis GenAlert

Real-time Notification and Alerting of E911 and Other Calls, Emergencies, Lockdowns...

Genesis CCM

Real-time and Historical Contact Center Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis, Logging...

Genesis GenSwitch

Easily Perform Telephone Programming-related Tasks and Extract Data for Use Elsewhere...

Genesis Traffic Manager

Collect, Manage, Predict and Report on VoIP, Trunk, Line, Usage, Gateway Traffic...

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About Genesis

Genesis Systems was established in 1984, specializing in the development of telecom related solutions & services for all sizes of businesses and organizations. Right from the start, Genesis established an unchallenged reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction, ease of use, reliability, and ongoing product enhancement.

This commitment combined with our expert Technical Support services resulted in Genesis becoming an early on industry leader of telecom management solutions. In today's fast paced world, time is critical, so making the administration of your telecom equipment and services as easy as possible is imperative.

  • Genesis has been developing telecom software since 1984.
  • Genesis solutions are incredibly reliable, used in 911 centers.
  • Genesis features a consistent user experience in all our solutions.
Solutions Overview
Genesis specializes in capturing and distributing information, quickly and easily. Whether it be critical emergency alerts or system usage monitoring, Genesis has a solution that can enhance your awareness and simplify information sharing for your business.
E911 On-Site Safety

Complete Emergency Management

Broadcast Public Notifications

Multi-Channel Mass Notifications

Analytics Trends Reporting

Detailed Telephony Metrics

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