Applications Overview

E911 On-Site Safety

On-Site Safety

Complete Emergency Management

Multicast SIP Overhead Pages

Unified Paging

Multicast & SIP Broadcasting

Link Onsite and Cloud Services

Cloud Enablement

Connect Onsite & Cloud Resources

Broadcast Corporate Alerts

Public Alerting

Multi-Channel Mass Notifications

Analytics Trends Reporting

Analytics & Insights

Detailed Telephony Metrics

On-Site Safety:

The Genesis emergency management solution offers immediate alerting for distress calls, guides user responses, streamlines data collection, and simplifies notification procedures, integrating seamlessly with on-site safety measures including E911 capabilities, simultaneous multi-channel alerts, centralized monitoring, and detailed incident storage for analysis and follow-up.

Unified Paging:

Genesis Unified Paging provides cloud-based paging and alerting with trigger-from-anywhere capabilities, supporting multi-platform integration for efficient emergency communication. Features like SIP & Multicast Paging Alerts, targeted audio/visual alerts, and scalability ensure effective communication across diverse channels and environments.

Cloud Enablement:

The Genesis Cloud Connector seamlessly bridges on-premises and cloud resources, enabling efficient cross-system triggers and public notifications. By integrating diverse technologies and facilitating interoperability, it prevents costly equipment replacements and upgrades while streamlining operations across physical locations securely.

Public Alerting:

The Genesis Public Alerting Solution streamlines crisis response with multi-channel notifications, simplified collaboration, and centralized management, enabling swift broadcasting of mass alerts, seamless staff coordination, and precise incident tracking for effective emergency management.

Analytics & Insights:

Genesis Telephony Metrics & Analytics Solution optimizes phone system usage, ensures compliance, and enhances efficiency through comprehensive monitoring, alerting, and analytics tools, empowering proactive resource management and informed decision-making.