Highlights & Features

Highlights & Features

Cloud Solutions and Hosted Services

Cloud & Hosted

Cloud / Hosted Services & Solutions

You’ve likely already considered or are using hosted solutions elsewhere within your business for a variety of reasons....

dynamic reporting, charts, graphing

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic Graphing & Reporting

Genesis features state of the art reporting in all our products. Our reporting system has been refined over many years...

track phone misuse, receive alerts

Exception Alerting

COPS Exception Alerting & Detection

Forget about missing those suspect calls when you are busy or away. Genesis COPS delivers the information to you, wherever you are...

Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue & Reduce Costs

Depending on your business model and your mix of Genesis Solutions, you can Generate Revenue & Reduce Costs in many different ways...

Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows Supported

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Solutions

The new generation of Genesis web based and cloud/hosted solutions allow you to access your entire system, not just a screen or two, from anywhere...

On-Premises Solutions

On-Premises Solutions

Total Control of Your System

You choose everything, including the location of your Genesis installation, the frequency to apply updates and the method of access...

Extensive PBX Compatibility

Unmatched Compatibility

Support for Virtually Any PBX

Genesis Systems works with many different phone systems from legacy to IP, even cloud systems. See a list of the PBXs we work with...

Virtualized Telemanagement Solutions

Virtualization Supported

Integration in Your Existing Environment

All the benefits of on-premises installed software without the main drawback: maintaining stand-alone physical hardware...